Impacto Consulting Associates

Helping Build Our Community

Generating Community Consensus

Connecting Businesses With Their Neighbors

What we do?

Community Consensus
Developing community buy-in for your
development or construction project
Aligning Goals
Ensuring community and developer goals
are aligned so everyone benefits
Impactful Solutions
Project visioning that enhances
community development

Welcome to Impacto

Impacto Consulting
Impacto Consulting Associates is focused on obtaining municipal approvals and building neighborhood consensus in support of development projects.
Impacto strategizes with project teams regarding project goals, community involvement, conducts time sensitive outreach to community leaders, religious officials, local politicians, and residents, and focuses on aligning development goals with community needs to create the best possible solutions for the community, both now and
in the future.

Services we provide

  • Assisting in obtaining municipal approvals
  • Hosting town hall meetings with residents
  • Brainstorming unique project solutions
  • Facilitating communication with community and religious leaders
  • Holding one-on-one meetings with project constituents
  • Generating general consensus and support